AdaptiGamer Mounting Plate
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Assistive Game Controller Mounting Plate 17.5 X 20cm


Assistive Game Controller Mounting Plate 35 X 40cm

- Material: Aluminum, Black anodizing
- Dimensions:35 x 40 cm
- Hole Count: 884 holes
- Holes Size : 6.5mm
- Thickness: 2mm
- Weight: 1.4kg
- Cable Arrangement Slot: 2 x 12cm, 4 Slots
- Compatibility: Designed for use with the Microsoft Adaptive Controller, Logitech G Adaptive Gaming Kit, and also supports switches and joysticks from AbleNet and Pretorian
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Elevate your gaming experience with our AdaptiGamer Mounting Plates, meticulously crafted to enrich your interaction with the Microsoft Adaptive Controller and Logitech G Adaptive Gaming Kit. These plates extend their versatility by accommodating switches and joysticks from AbleNet and Pretorian, offering an inclusive platform for all gamers. They provide a stable and adjustable base, allowing for a highly customizable setup that caters to individual preferences and accessibility needs. The design also cleverly organizes and reduces cable clutter, ensuring a clean and focused gaming environment. Precision placement of buttons and controls is made possible for a tailor-made gaming experience. With KUPO's comprehensive set of screws, assembling various configurations becomes a swift and effortless task. Opt for our AdaptiGamer Mounting Plates for the pinnacle of personalized and uncluttered gaming solutions.
- Customization: Allows for flexible arrangement of gaming controls to suit individual needs.
- Clean Design: Minimizes cable clutter for a tidy gaming space.
- Compatibility: Works with Microsoft Adaptive Controller, Logitech Gaming Kit, and various AbleNet and Pretorian switches and joysticks.
- Quality Build: Made from durable aluminum with a sleek black finish.
- Sizes: Available in two sizes with multiple holes for mounting options.
- Safety: Designed with user safety in mind, featuring smooth edges.
- Easy Setup: Designed for straightforward assembly and use.
Assistive Game Controller Mounting Plate 17.5 X 20cmAssistive Game Controller Mounting Plate 17.5 X 20cm