Our Story
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Our Story

Everyone deserves to have comfort and accessibility. At KUPOCARE, we aim to provide innovative and reliable mounting solutions to assist those with disabilities in utilizing the various handheld technologies of today.

KUPOCARE is derived from its parent company KUPO, an already established brand in the entertainment business. KUPO was founded in 1979, for 43 years we focused on the film, television, stage industry to provide customers with sturdy professional equipment mounting solutions. In the process of enterprise development, we continue to invest in the community and implement corporate social responsibility (CSR) focusing on providing practical assistance in the lives of vulnerable people and people with disabilities.

In recent years, we became aware of the growing need within the disabled community for assistive technology that can improve their independence and quality of life. We already had the basic systems that we knew could be adapted into mounting accessible equipment to the differently abled. In light of that goal, KUPO collaborated with both assistive technology experts and everyday people who suffered from various mobility-debilitating conditions to develop products tailored to those who need it most.

Through those collaborative efforts and continual research, we have to date assembled 70 plus easy to use kits designed to assist in the everyday lives of the differently abled. These clip and go kits are capable of mounting anything from phones, tablets, cameras, AAC switches, and even umbrellas. Each of these modular mounting solutions have been designed with utmost consideration to be easy to install and use.

The world is ever changing, and as more and more new technologies become essential to everyday life, no one should be left behind. Our goal at KUPOCARE is to continuously improve and create new solutions that help people keep up with the technological demands of the modern age.