Ball Head Accessories for Super Knuckle Arm
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Aluminum ball head with 180-degree adjustable mirror for wheelchair


MirrorSwivel Ball Head

- Color : black
- Primary material : aluminum alloy (ball head) and plastic (mirror)
- Product weight : 0.08 lb/40 g
- Features: 1" (26 mm) ball head connected with a convex plastic mirror via an 180 degree adjustible joint
- Compatible with: S Size (3") Super Knuckle Arm Shell (KS-398) and M Size (6") Super Knuckle Arm Shell (KS-399)
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The KMS-301 is an essential element of a wheelchair-mounted mirror system, purposefully designed to enhance safety and visibility for individuals with disabilities. This product features a CNC machined aluminum ball head, paired with a convex plastic mirror. The ball head, treated with a durable black anodized finish, ensures longevity and resilience.

The aluminum ball head's textured surface ensures a robust grip with the Super Knuckle shell, facilitating a secure attachment. The standout feature of this design is the joint that connects the ball head and the mirror, allowing for up to 180 degrees of adjustability. This capability guarantees that the mirror can be positioned for maximum convenience and comfort for the user.

Mounting the KMS-301 ball head is a straightforward process. It can be easily incorporated into a Super Knuckle Arm by loosening its central knob. After its connection to the Super Knuckle Arm, the ball head and mirror assembly can be firmly mounted onto a wheelchair using a wheelchair tube clamp and quick-release wheelchair tube clamp (clamps to be purchased separately).
1. CNC machined aluminum construction for high durability and precision
2. Black anodized finish for enhanced wear resistance
3. Textured surface for strong grip with Super Knuckle shell
4. 180-degree adjustment for optimal mirror positioning
5. Compatibility with Super Knuckle Arm for easy installation