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Small OmniGrip Arm - Mounting solution for people with disabilities


Small OmniGrip Arm (20 cm)

- Primary material : aluminum alloy
- Arm length : 20 cm
- Compatible with all the KUPOCARE ball head products
- Anti-slip rosettes center joint prevent unwanted movements
- Adjustable joints : 3
- Product weight: 650g
- Load capacity : 8 kg
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The KMA-101 Small OmniGrip Arm is a robust and versatile mounting solution from KUPOCARE, specifically designed to support individuals with disabilities. Crafted from lightweight aluminum, this arm offers durability without sacrificing ease of use. Its compact 20cm length and 8kg load capacity make it ideal for various mounting needs.

Key Features:

1. Material: High-quality aluminum for lightweight strength.
2. Length: 20cm, providing a compact form factor for versatile use.
3. Load Capacity: Can hold up to 8kg, suitable for a wide range of devices and accessories.
4. 360-Degree Rotation: Allows for precise positioning in multiple axes, enhancing flexibility and usability.
5. Anti-Slip Rosettes: Located at the center joint to prevent unwanted movement, ensuring stable and secure mounting.
6. Dual Sockets: Compatible with an extensive range of KUPOCARE ball head products. This feature allows connections to over 20 different accessories, including phone holders, AAC switches, tablet holders, umbrella holders, GoPro cameras, rearview mirrors, and more.

Ideal for:

1. Individuals requiring a secure and adaptable mounting solution for devices and aids.
2. Environments ranging from personal home use to professional setups in healthcare facilities.

The KMA-101 OmniGrip Arm is your reliable partner, offering ease of use, security, and adaptability in one package. Enhance your environment with the flexibility and support needed for a wide variety of devices and applications.