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KM-701 Tablet mount


Super Convi Clamp S Size Knuckle Tablet Holder

- For tablet size: 7-11”
- Clamp base: for 0.2-2" (5-51 mm) tubes (e.g. wheelchair frame and bed rail)
- Clamp base: for flat board 0.2-1.2" (5-30 mm) (e.g. table or headboard)
- Arm length: 3" (7.6 cm)
- Adjustable joints: 2
- Load capacity: 11 lb/5 kg (when clamping on a vertical tube)
- Product weight: Super Convi Clamp (1 lb/450 g), arm with tablet holder (0.8 lb/370 g)
- Products included in the set: Super Convi Clamp (KCP-700), S Size (3") Super Knuckle Arm Shell (KS-398), Universal Tablet Holder with Ball Head (KS-410), Hex Stud Ball Head (KS-406)
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The Super Convi Clamp S Size Knuckle Tablet Holder (KM-701) from KUPOCARE is a revolutionary product designed to enhance the daily lives of individuals with disabilities. This tablet holder is universally compatible with tablets ranging in size from 7 to 11 inches. Its innovative design includes a Super Convi Clamp base, adaptable for tubes ranging from 0.2 to 2 inches in diameter, making it suitable for attachment to a variety of surfaces including wheelchair frames, bed rails, and tables. The clamp also secures onto flat boards between 0.2-1.2 inches thick, like tables or headboards.

Featuring a compact 3-inch Super Knuckle Arm with two adjustable joints, the holder ensures optimal positioning of your device. The arm is equipped with a ball head at each end, allowing for flexible adjustment of the tablet's angle, which can be securely locked in place with a central knob. The inclusion of a hex stud ball head enables easy connection to the Super Convi Clamp.

This holder is not only versatile but also robust, with a load capacity of 11 lbs when clamped onto a vertical tube. The product set, weighing a mere 1.8 lbs, includes the Super Convi Clamp, Super Knuckle Arm Shell, Universal Tablet Holder with Ball Head, and Hex Stud Ball Head. It's designed for effortless installation and removal, providing a seamless user experience. Ideal for those seeking independence and convenience in their daily activities, the KM-701 embodies KUPOCARE's commitment to accessibility and innovation.