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Medium OmniGrip Arm - Great Mounting Solution for People With Disabilities


Medium OmniGrip Arm (30 cm)

- Primary material : aluminum alloy
- Arm length : 30 cm
- Compatible with all the KUPOCARE ball head products
- Anti-slip rosettes center joint prevent unwanted movements
- Adjustable joints : 3
- Product weight: 700g
- Load capacity : 6 kg
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Introducing the KMA-102 OmniGrip Arm from KUPOCARE, designed to offer superior versatility and support for individuals with disabilities. This 30 cm aluminum arm is engineered to ensure precision and adaptability in mounting a variety of devices, providing solutions for everyday challenges. Lightweight yet robust, the KMA-102 supports a load capacity of up to 6 kilograms, making it an ideal choice for securely holding equipment in any desired position.

Key Features:

1. Material and Build: Constructed from high-quality aluminum, the KMA-102 is both durable and lightweight, making it easy to handle and adjust.
2. Length and Load Capacity: With a length of 30 cm and a weight capacity of 6 kg, it is perfect for mounting an array of devices such as phone holders, tablet holders, umbrella holders, GoPros, rearview mirrors, and more.
3. Versatile Connections: Features dual sockets on each end that are compatible with over 20 different KUPOCARE ball head products, ensuring a seamless fit for a wide range of accessories.
Anti-Slip Rosettes: Equipped with anti-slip rosettes at the center joint to prevent any unwanted movement, providing stable and secure positioning.
4. User-Friendly Design: Its straightforward, tool-free adjustment capabilities allow for quick and easy setup and reconfiguration, tailored to meet diverse user needs and environments.

Ideal for:

1. Individuals needing adaptable, reliable mounting solutions for assistive devices.
2. Versatile setups in home, office, or mobile environments where stability and flexibility are key.