AAC Device Holders
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KM-725  Mounting Solution for Go Talk 20


Super Convi Clamp Dual Knuckle AAC Device Holder

- For AAC devices or laptops size: 11-15”
- Fit device thickness: < 1.55” (4 cm)
- Clamp base: for flat board 0.2-1.2" (5-30 mm) (e.g. table, wheelchair tray, bed tray)
- Clamp base: for 0.2-2" (5-51 mm) nonmoving vertical tubes
- Arm length: 9" (22.8 cm)
- Adjustable joints: 4
- Load capacity: 4.4 lb/2 kg (when clamping on table or a vertical tube)
- Product weight: Super Convi Clamp (1 lb/450 g), arm with tablet holder (1.34 lb/610 g)
- Products included in the set: Super Convi Clamp (KCP-700), two S Size (3") Super Knuckle Arm Shell (KS-398), 3" Extension Arm Double Ball Head (KS-420), AAC Device Holder with Ball Head (KMD-405), Hex Stud Ball Head (KS-406)
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The AAC Device holder is ideal for 11 to 15 inch AAC Devices/laptops with thickness < 1.55” (4 cm) and connects to the Super Convi Clamp base through the L Size (9") Dual Knuckle Arm. This arm is constructed by linking two S size arms with a 3" extension. The four ball heads of the arm allow users to adjust the mounted tablets to precise positions that suit their special needs. The extension arm has three 1/4"-20 and two 3/8"-16 female thread holes that allow for mounting devices using an additional Super Knuckle Arm. The other end of the arm has a ball head with a hex stud that connects to the Super Convi Clamp. The Clamp can be securely mounted onto most rails or tubes with external diameters from 0.2 to 2 inches (5-51 mm). The included plastic saddle can be attached to the Super Convi Clamp to securely hold onto tables between 0.2-1.2" (5-30 mm) thick. The user-friendly clamp is easily secured and removed efficiently. This set mounts an AAC Device or a laptop within a flexible 9" (22.8 cm) radius of a table, a wheelchair tray, a bed tray or a nonmoving vertical tube.