AAC Switch Mounting Plates
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KMD-102 M Size Switch Mounting Plate | Mounting AAC Switch | Mounting AbleNet Switch | Mounting Pretorian Trackball


M Size AAC Switch Mounting Plate

- Compatible AbleNet Switches: Jelly Bean, Jelly Bean Twist, LITTLEmack, LITTLE Step-by-Step, LITTLE Step-by-Step with Levels, LITTLE Step-by-Step Choice with Levels, iTalk2 with Levels
- Compatible Pretorian Technologies Switches and Devices: Smoothie 125, Optima Joysitck, Optimax Joystick, Optima Trackball, Optimax Trackball
- Compatible Arms: Super Knuckle Arms (through KS-403), Max Arm (KCP-101W), Articulated Arm (KCP-173)
- Compatible Mounting Kits: All AAC Switch Mounting Kits
- Has 1/4”-20 male thread at the back of the mounting plate
- Mounting hardware (screws & nuts) is included.
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The M Size AAC Switch Mounting Plate has hole pattern that allows you to mount various AbleNet Switches, Smoothie 125 switch (Pretorian Technologies), and the Optima/Optimax joysticks and trackballs (Pretorian Technologies). The back of the mounting plate has 1/4"-20 male thread that can directly connect with the Super Knuckle Arm, the Max Arm, and the Articulated Arm. The AAC Switch Mounting Plate is compatible with all the KUPOCARE AAC Switch Holder Kits and all the required mounting hardware (screws & nuts) is included.

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